Uruguayan country ranch La Rabida
Uruguayan Country Ranch La Rabida
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Enjoy a day at our Country Ranch.

La Rábida receives small groups of visitors that are interested in a different experience, not likely offered by traditional tourism.

When they arrive, visitors are welcomed by the ranch owners and are invited to go on a tour of the fields and the coast in horse-pulled-carriages, vintage cars and trailers.

When they come back, a classical Uruguayan barbecue with sausage and sweet bread appetizers is waiting for them.

Lunch includes a salad bar and red meats, chicken, pork and lamb, as a main course barbecued over a fire made from the wood of our native trees.

After lunch you can see how sheep are shorn (and maybe even give it a try), how cows are milked, or you can go horseback riding.

A day of encounters that provides a wonderful opportunity to exchange experiences with your Uruguayan hosts.