Estancia La Rábida
Estancia La Rábida Uruguay

Testimonios de quienes nos han visitado

Muchos de nuestros visitantes nos han escrito luego de su pasaje por La Rábida.

G.,Don and Judy
Los Gatos, CA
... it was the absolute highlight of our whole trip. Your whole family and all the employees were so warm and friendly. La Rábida is so beautiful it was like being in a truly magical place. We will allways look back on our day with great fondness.

K., Terry
Lake Worth, FL
Thank you for sharing your home and family. Our home in Florida is open to you.

Perdue, P.
Passengers enthusiastic, best trip all cruise as we took our reluctant leave of la Rábida guides cracking the whip to get us away, but the place does weave a spell on all like us.

Salinas, CA
We have visited fifty-two countries of the world and have taken many fine excursions, but the day we spent with you was the very best. All our fellow passengers agreed. (...) We never expect to have a better day, no matter where we travel in the future.